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Wheel Woolies® Kit

The versatile Wheel Woolies® Kit, which includes three brush sizes, ensures that you're ready for a variety of auto detailing jobs. Each brush is constructed of polypropylene, which means they will not mar surfaces.

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A5D & A7D Detailing Brushes

The A5D and A7D are a very versitle tool for cleaning both inside and outside of your vehicle. The brush's natural black boar's hair bristles are gentle enough to remove tiny dust particles, but strong enough for the tough jobs.

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Leather Upholstery Brushes

Our leather upholstery brush is great for loosening dirt and debris from your leather upholstery, while still gentle enough not to scratch your leather. 


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Caliper Spoke Woolie

The Caliper Spoke Woolie is a great product for gaining access to the back of your wheel's spokes, in addition to a variety of other similar places that you might sometimes have a problem reaching.

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WWVB-24 Vent Brush

The new Wheel Woolie Vent brush features a long slim profile to reach deep into your vents.  3/4" diameter brush head made with soft wool-like microfiber will not scratch surfaces.

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Wheel/Fender Brush

Constructed of only the highest quality boar's hair or sturdy crimped nylon, this brush's fibers are powerful enough to clean the toughest dirt and grime, but will never scratch your wheels, fender, or any other surface.

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A12B Car Wash Brush

The A12B Car Wash Brush was designed with nonabrasive bristles to provide a gentle wash for the exterior of your vehicle. This brush is constructed with 100% boars hair, epoxy set in a lacquer finished mahogany block.

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