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Why we think ceramic coating is the best way to protect your car (with advice from the experts)

Posted by Lance Cheney

April 23. 2018


There are a million and one ways to protect your vehicle from scratches. The most popular seems to be the wrap. The wrap comes in many forms; heat, titanium, exhaust, there are many to choose from, but here’s the thing…wraps are not necessarily the way to go. They can be difficult to apply, even for the professionals and the coating can yellow over time. If an area of the wrap gets damaged then the whole thing needs to be removed and replaced, which can be very costly.

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Women’s movement has car industry leaders rethinking the presence of the “booth babe”

Posted by Lance Cheney

March 27. 2018

 Image-1.pngPhoto courtesy of @sirjoancornella on Instagram

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Topics: customers, customer service, auto industry, competitors, women's movement, Geneva Car Show

How to handle the competition

Posted by Lance Cheney

February 13. 2018

It’s a common fallacy to think that competition will drive your business down. Actually, where most businesses go wrong is to think that the absence of any competition will increase their chances of success. Competition is here to stay, whether we like it or not. It’s the driving force behind a capitalist economy, for better or for worse. And since we’re not going to overhaul our economic system any time soon we need to work within the system to reach our goals.

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Topics: Wheel Woolies, competition, automotive detailing brushes, guaranty, dealing with competitors, business, competitors, knock-offs

The Future of Auto Sales: good news for detailers, bad news for everyone else

Posted by Lance Cheney

January 24. 2018


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Coolest stuff we saw at SEMA 2017

Posted by Lance Cheney

December 05. 2017

SEMA is a whirlwind of innovation, creativity, and power. it was hard to choose but here are some of the most noteworthy concepts we peeped while we were at the show.

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Topics: SEMA, Braun Automotive, automotive detailing brushes, automotive detailing, SEMA 2017

Making the most of your 2017 SEMA show experience.

Posted by Lance Cheney

October 24. 2017


Whether you’re an exhibitor or an attendee, the SEMA experience can be overwhelming and daunting even for returnees. You can maximize your time with just a few simple tips and strategies.

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Topics: Wheel Woolies, SEMA, Braun Automotive, distributors, original woolies, SEMA 2017

7 detailing brushes you must have and why you need them

Posted by Lance Cheney

September 24. 2017

DH2_1649_PW12X.jpgThe Power Woolie 12X is perfect for polishing chrome parts on cars and motorcycles.

As DIY automotive detailing has become more common among car enthusiasts, there has grown a dizzying array of products to choose from when starting your own business or if you just want to beef up your own personal supply.

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Topics: Wheel Woolies, Braun Automotive, Wheel Woolies Vent Brush, caliper spoke woolie, original woolies, automotive detailing brushes, original wheel woolies, AC5 brush set, Power Wollie 12X, automotive detailing

What's in a warranty?

Posted by Lance Cheney

August 01. 2017


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Topics: Braun Automotive, product warranty, best automotive cleaning brushes, guaranty

Regulations of the Road: Equipment Violations

Posted by Lance Cheney

June 29. 2017

Everyone knows the movie scene where a criminal gets caught because they commit a lesser crime. There’s the murderer who gets caught shoplifting, or the drug-dealer who gets pulled over for a broken taillight. It always sounds implausible, but the experts at say that equipment violations are one of the tops reasons drivers get pulled over. Leading the list of code violations are heavily tinted windows, burned-out headlights, broken windshields, expired tags, and loud exhaust modifications.

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Topics: Car Maintenance, Braun Automotive, window tinting, car exhaust laws, muffler laws, muffler, loud muffler, window tint laws, car exhaust, tint removal

8 tips for motorcycle detailing

Posted by Lance Cheney

May 17. 2017

motorcycle detailing .jpg

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Topics: power woolie, motorcycle detailing, Power Wollie 12X, light wash

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