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Car Repairs Can Be Expensive. Here Are 10 Tips That Can Help You Prevent Repairs

Posted by Lance Cheney

October 02. 2014

Car_RepairsMost of us love driving around in our automobiles, but what we don't like is when they break down. Some car repairs can reach astronomical amounts that drain our bank accounts or at least take a good chunk of it away. That's why you should follow these 10 car repair tips that will help avoid some of these costly repairs:

  • Stick to an oil change schedule -- Oil keeps your engine lubricated and running smoothly, so make sure you change it according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Fill your tires with the proper air pressure -- Maintaining the proper air pressure not only improves your gas mileage, but helps you to avoid excessive wear.
  • Rotate your tires -- As a general rule, you should rotate your tires with every other oil change. But keep in mind that warranties on new tires indicate that rotation must be done at certain intervals or the warranty will be void.
  • Get a tune-up -- Scheduling regular tune-ups will keep your vehicle in good working order and avoid costly repairs such as replacement of your catalytic converter.
  • Don't abuse your engine -- It's human nature for someone to get into a hurry sometimes, but don't take it out on your vehicle. Excessive revving of your engine or mashing on the accelerator will do nothing but put unneeded stress on the engine.
  • Don't abuse the brakes, either -- Brakes last for quite a long time, but if you're constantly braking hard, they'll wear out prematurely. Unless you need to conduct an emergency stop, apply reasonable pressure to the brakes each time you come to a stop.
  • Maintain the water in your radiator -- Vehicles, especially older models, have a tendency to overheat, especially if you live in a warm climate or do a lot of driving in the summer. Filling your radiator periodically will prevent that.
  • Follow your instruction manual -- The instruction manual for your vehicle details the maintenance schedule and various car repair tips for not only your oil change but various other needs. If you follow this schedule, your automobile will run more smoothly over time.
  • Find a trustworthy mechanic -- There are a lot of great, honest mechanics out there, but unfortunately some rely on a driver's lack of knowledge and take advantage of them. One of the best car repair tips that you may ever receive is to ask friends to put you into contact with a trustworthy mechanic.
  • Look over your vehicle before a trip -- Having car trouble while you're on a road trip is rather common because many drivers load up their vehicles, maybe check the tires, and leave. Spend a little more time checking out any possible maintenance issues that should be tackled before you're on the open road.

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