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How to Conserve Water When Washing Your Car

Dispelling the Myths About Synthetic Oil

Why we think ceramic coating is the best way to protect your car (with advice from the experts)

Women’s movement has car industry leaders rethinking the presence of the “booth babe”

How to handle the competition

The Future of Auto Sales: good news for detailers, bad news for everyone else

Coolest stuff we saw at SEMA 2017

Making the most of your 2017 SEMA show experience.

7 detailing brushes you must have and why you need them

What's in a warranty?

Regulations of the Road: Equipment Violations

8 tips for motorcycle detailing

Welcome new distributors Zen Automotive, Lupus-Autopflege, and P&S Sales

The latest news about Wheel Woolies®

Our Top 8 Detailing Product Picks

Answers to our most frequently asked questions about original Woolie products

What we’ve done with Woolies®

Car Detailing Tips from the Professionals

Stories from SEMA: another year in the books

Distributor Love: Auto Maxima

Business Series: Tips from worldwide CEOs

Not the car of the future: a tough marriage between automakers and technologies

With a Little Help From Our Friends: Co-branding helps drive business

Transcendent Car

Sometimes It’s the Little Things

Clash of the Wheel Woolies®

Welcome New Distributors Operado Covalt, Bavarian Autosport, and Bowden's Own

New Product Spotlight: Introducing Power Woolies®

Tesla’s model 3 and the Future of Sustainable Transport

Proper Cleaning of Your Vehicle's LCD Screen Just Got Way More Important

Welcome Braun Automotive's Newest Distributors

Distributor Love: Detailer's Domain

The Brand Police: Quality Control

10 Years of Polished Bliss

Don’t Let a Good Brand Go To Waste

The Weather Outside Is (about to get) Frightful

Stories from SEMA: Controlled Chaos

What we're seeing at SEMA, right now!

SEMA New Product Showcase: Wheel Woolies Vent Brush

Product Showcase: Wheel and Fender Brush

Distributor Love: Detailed Image

Chase for the Sprint Cup at NASCAR: The Race Is On

Who to Look For at SEMA Part 2

Just How Close Are We to the Driverless Car?

Who To Look For At SEMA Part 1

Distributor Love Across the Pond: Clean Your Car

Distributor Love: Adam's Polishes

Distributor Love: Chemical Guys

Making the Most of Your SEMA Experience: Part 2, Attendees

Making the Most of Your SEMA Experience: Exhibitors

Distributor Love

Tips For Cleaning Your Wheel Woolie Brushes

Hot Time: Protecting Your Car From Heat and Sun, Part 3 Under the Hood

Hot Time: Protecting Your Car From Heat and Sun: Part 2, Exterior

Hot Time: Protecting Your Car from Heat and Sun, Part 1

Make Your Water Sheet Not Bead

Braun Automotive President Named Outstanding CEO for 2015

Using Social Media to Grow Your Auto Detailing Business.

Simplifying Your Service Menu

What You Need To Know To Start Your Own Car Wash Business

Tips For Driving a Mean, Green, Machine

Weatherizing for Warm Weather: Say It 10 Times Fast

The Truth About Your Car Air Freshener

Introducing the New Wheel Woolies Vent Brush

Detailing: Which Microfiber Cloth To Use For What

What's That Smell?? Car Odors That You Should Never Ignore

Storing for Winter: we’re not talking about squirrels

Homemade Car Upholstery Cleaner

Waterless Car Wash, Say Whaaaaa??

To Foam or Not to Foam: the pros and cons of using a foam gun cleaner

DIY Detailing: 5 Tips for Using a Clay Bar

Making Things Easier


Bald Men in Convertibles: An Age-old Phenomenon

Winter is here! Snow and ice removal tips to save time and money.

A Clean For A Clean: washing brushes and microfiber cloths

SEMA 2014 wrap-up

Improve The Image Of Your Auto Detailing Business

Common Car Problems: Diagnosing Wheel Problems

How To Increase Sales In Your Auto Detailing Business

How To Clean Chrome Rims

How To Clean Aluminum Wheels

Auto Detailing Supplies - Wholesale Products To Sell Online

DIY Headlight Restoration: How To Clean Foggy Headlights

Marketing Ideas For Your Auto Detailing Business

What To Expect At The Sema Show 2014

What Tools Do The Experts Use To Buff Their Car? The Answer May Surprise You

How-to: What’s The Best Way To Clean Alloy Wheels?

Not All Car Cleaning Products Are Made The Same. Find The Right One For You

Revealed - Best Car Interior Cleaners

Car Repairs Can Be Expensive. Here Are 10 Tips That Can Help You Prevent Repairs

What To Look For When Buying A Buff Kit For Your Car

Automotive Cleaning Products 101

Silber Brush Manufacturing Co. Acquired By BraunAutomotive

Top 5 Best Cleaning Accessories For Car Wheels

BraunAutomotive CEO Interview: Meet the Man Behind the Wheel Woolie

Simple Tips for Quick Car Detailing

Wheel Cleaning Tools: Reduce Splatter From Your Brushes

Water-Friendly Techniques to Wash and Detail Your Car

How To Increase Online Sales For Professional Detailing Products

Tips For Marketing Your Detailing Supplies

How Detailing Equipment Can Help Increase Distributor Sales

Qualities of Top-Notch Wheel Cleaning Tools

Car Cleaning Techniques To Eliminate Odor

Auto Detailing Tools That Every Distributor Should Stock

Methods Professional Car Detailers Use

Best Auto Detailing Techniques

What Not To Do When Car Detailing

Biggest Car Detailing Mistakes

Tips to Prevent Car Noises

Tips For Cleaning Your Wheel Woolie & Caliper Spoke Woolies

Best Detailing Supplies for Car Exteriors

Best Techniques for Cleaning Car Carpet

How To Increase Your Tire Life

Detailing Supplies to Help You Clean Your Custom Wheels

Do I Need Special Wheel Cleaner For Painted Rims?

How to Check Transmission Fluid For a Manual Car

How To Check Transmission Fluid For An Automatic Car

How To Check Power Steering Fluid

Why Is My Car Vibrating And Shaking?

How To Properly Polish Chrome Wheels

How To Clean Exhaust Tips

Common Car Problems You Can Fix From Home

Car Paint Protection: Top Benefits of Paint Sealant

5 Car Noises and What They Mean

Top 5 car washing tips you should know

Wheel Detail: How to Clean Your Wheels, Tires and Wheel Wells

Benefits Of Rotating Tires

How to Check Brake Pads?

Top 5 Common Car Problems and Their Estimated Costs

5 Signs You Need New Tires

What To Do If Your Car Won’t Start In Cold Weather?

What Kind of Car Care is Necessary after Purchasing a Used Car?

Best Car Care Methods to Deal with Salt

Detailing Equipment List: Everything You Need For a Car Wash

Winter Driving Tips

Car Care: Differences Between Synthetic Oil and Conventional Oil

How Does Car Maintenance Affect Gas Consumption

Learn Why Wheel Alignment is Important For Your Car Care

Wheel Woolie: 2014 Accessory Product of the Year

How to get the best car wax: How effective is spray car wax?

How to get the best car wax: Carnauba Car Wax vs. Paint Sealants

Auto Detailing: Best Practices for Wheel Cleaning

Best Detailing Products To Clean Your Car Air Vents Effectively

How to Avoid Water Spots with Professional Detailing Products

Auto Detailing Tools: Learn The Multiple Purposes For Wheel Woolies

Detailing Supplies: Difference Between Microfiber and Foam Buffing Pads

The Best Interior Car Care Cleaning Products

Homemade Wheel Cleaner for Aluminum Wheels

Homemade Wheel Cleaner for Chrome Wheels

Car Waxing Tools: Permanent Coatings vs. Waxes or Sealants

How To Prevent And Eliminate Car Odors

Winter Detailing Suggestions for Cold Weather

Top 10 Car Improvements

Car Washing Tips During The Winter Seasons

Car Tools: What Tools Should Every Car Have For the Winter Season?

Common Car Problems That You Can Prevent

How To Correctly Keep Up With Your Car Maintenance

What Does Car Detailing Include For Matte Finishes?

Why do Aluminum Wheels Crack?

How To Properly Do Car Buffing After Using Touch-Up Paint

Best Practices for Cleaning Aluminum Wheels

Wheel Detailing: Best Practices for Painting Rims and Calipers

How to Fix Car Dents and Dings

How To Wax A Car By Hand With Household Items

What Are The Easiest Ways To Improve My Car Audio System?

What Are The Best Practices For Buffing A Car?

Know How To Clean Chrome Rims Safely

Braun Automotive: The Reason Quality Matters When Choosing Car Care Products

What Are The Top Environmentally Friendly Car Cleaning Products?

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Window Tinting?

What Are The Benefits of Buffing Your Car?

Car Detailing: What Are The Best Seat Cleaning Practices?

What Products Can Be Used For Cleaning Car Air Vents?

What are the Best Tips for Car Carpet Cleaning?

What are the Best Car Interior Cleaning Techniques?

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