4 Common Detailing Mistakes

And how to avoid them

A clean, detailed car is one of the most satisfying projects, but a mistake can make the whole ordeal frustrating and time-consuming. Avoid some common pitfalls by taking heed of these mistakes:

  • Choosing the wrong soap -- Whether it be the exterior or carpet, choosing the proper subs is crucial to getting the job done right.  The wrong product can cause mildew to develop in the floor or can scratch or even chip the paint job. Instead, use cleaning foam made for carpet or a homemade remedy.
  • Avoiding sealant or wax -- When you detail your automobile, it shouldn't just be about the current state of your vehicle. You should be looking forward to the future. Many car owners neglect the use of a sealant or wax to protect their automobile's finish, which means damage is more likely to occur in a  shorter amount of time.
  • Using a greasy cleaner on your dash -- This is another instance where a shiny finish can spell trouble. Certain cleaners tend to leave a greasy residue on your dash, which can be a problem for two reasons. First, it can cause a reflection from the sun that can blind you while driving. And second, as the sun comes in, heat gets trapped under the greasy film and will dry out the material and crack it.
  • Using the wrong tools -- Choosing the wrong tool is just as common as choosing the wrong tools to wash and detail with. Every job, from the surface to each crevice demands its own special friend. From engine bay to piping brushes, there is something out there. Check out our line of detailing brushes for all of your needs. And remember that you can do real damage to your vehicle's finish if you don't have the right tools. Our detailing brushes are made without any metal parts that could scratch or scrape.