Brand Police

How quality control and customer service can help maintain your reputation

Brand Police


Paying attention to both quality control and customer service can keep your reputation high and maintain your brand for years to come.

Recently we were contacted by a customer about a Wheel Woolies kit he had purchased. On one of the brushes, the head had separated from the handle. He had attempted to use an adhesive to re-attach but this was not a successful fix and the pieces eventually separated again. We promptly replied to him that all of our detailing brush heads are ultrasonically welded to the handles, no glue or adhesive is ever used. Therefore, the problem must have been a faulty weld and we would replace his brushes immediately and ship them out at our expense.

Believe me when I tell you that this almost NEVER happens. We guarantee our brushes will never come apart because of our strict attention to quality control. As in all things in life, nothing is ever 100% perfect so there is, of course, the rare mistake that gets through our rigorous inspections. All of this got me thinking about how crucial quality control and customer service are to a company's branding efforts.

I'm sure you've heard the expression, "A company is only as good as it's products" and that is completely true. One of the reasons our detailing brushes are so popular is because of superior craftsmanship. We're not automotive experts, we're brush experts. We have been a brush company for 140 years. We put all of our knowledge into every brush we make including our detailing brushes. It's such a unique perspective that it has become a part of our brand, our personality. If we were to suddenly neglect the quality of our products our brand would suffer.

An easy way to stay on top of any customer issues is through social media. Twitter and Facebook are the most convenient way for customers to reach out to you. It's also a great way to showcase your awesome customer service skills and let's all your followers know that you're quick to respond to any customer issues.

Another way to ensure that you know about any issues your customers may be having is to set up Google alerts on your most popular products and your company name.

And of course be sure to have an easy way for customers to contact you via your website.

It's not always easy to stay on top of these things so if you can't do it yourself then delegate the responsibility. It doesn't require much time and the impact on your business is tremendous.


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