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So many of Braun Automotive’s detailers success is born out of a passion for the trade and Detailer’s Domain is no different. About 20 years ago, owner Philip Yiu, then aged 10, started detailing with a line of professional detailing products, most from large chain stores. As his tastes matured so did his product line as he began to incorporate more boutique brands that really got the job done. Philip has used pretty much all of the products he sells and can personally attest to their quality. Detailing was his passion and he spent many weekends detailing cars for friends and family. After he started prepping new cars for dealerships he knew it was time to start a detailing business and, not long after, a car care product distribution company. By 2004, Detailer’s Domain was well on its way to success with Phil at the helm.

You’ve heard this from us about 10,000 times already but it bears repeating. One of the things that sets Detailer’s Domain apart from the fray is impeccable customer service. This is evident in the reviews on Philip’s site:

David B.


Over the Top

Awesome Detailing Shop. Phil and his crew at Detailers Domain are the best. It's close by to me and go there exclusively for all my detailing supplies and support. I don't believe they sell a single bad product and things Phil has recommended has been great or over the top. They will get you the best product for whatever the task may be. Fantastic products, services, advice, support...
Every time I'm there I'm like a kid in a candy shop and want everything there. I also want to mention Phil and his crew do amazing work. I see the cars that come out of there and they are amazing!


Bill W.


very helpful people will answer any questions you have products are top notch

Cecil L.


THE place to go

For the best products, advice and service nobody beats Phil and team. Always a pleasure to deal with and have learned a lot along the way.

Detailer's Domain stocks an eclectic variety of niche car care products for both the professional and the enthusiast. Products such as 3M, Adam's Polishes, Aquartz, Lusso Car Care, Meguiar’s, Menzerna Compounds and Polishes, Swissvax , Victoria Wax, Wolf's Chemicals and other boutique brands. And there’s no need to vet any products because Phil and his team use them all in his own facility, detailing and reconditioning cars. “Detailer’s Domain’s mission is to provide customers with the best possible product and service for our automotive car care needs.” and they have fulfilled on that mission in every possible way.

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