Distributor Love

Self-proclaimed “shine freak”, Adam Pitale, founder and president of Adam’s Polishes 

started detailing bicycles at age 9. His obsession led to a mobile detailing business that specialized in limousine fleets and eventually to handling the detailing of all of Coca-Cola’s fleets. Through trial and error, careful planning, and constant analysis of efficiency, Adam and his team detailed a fleet of 3,400 vehicles every 24 months at Coca Cola.

Adam brought that same passion and drive to Braun Automotive. He was responsible for the development of Wheel Woolies B-Kits with the 18” long medium Wheel Woolie brush. Being ever true to his entrepreneurial spirit he requested that we create acustom Caliper Spoke Woolie 18” wheel brush. 

We offered Adam a CSW with a larger brush part and red foam grip and he became the exclusive distributor of this uniquely Adam’s product. He is also the sole outlet for our red handled trim and lug nut 1"lug nut brush.

Sales of both brushes remain strong and steady.

Adam is also a leading professional detailer and Corvette aficionado and may lead the industry with the number of how-to/demonstration videos http://adamspolishes.com/video

including, wheel cleaning videos with his custom Caliper Spoke Woolie and red handled trim and lug nut brush.http://adamspolishes.com/video?video_id=5

Adam is always striving for better; better product, better service, better detailing. He is a one-man orchestra creating the greatest symphony the detailing world has ever known and he deserves our love and then some. Shine on you crazy diamond!