Distributor Love



Auto Maxima is a small, thriving car-care supply store located in Singapore. The company was started 10 years ago and has grown exponentially since then. What’s their secret? They attribute their success to developing long-term relationships with clients and dedicated customer care. And Auto Maxima’s focus on customer service is what makes them the perfect match for Braun Automotive. Not only do they offer their customers a wide range of products but they also offer free expert advice on products, detailing, or even starting up a business. Their mission statement says it all:



1. we don’t just sell , we offer solutions, we grow with you

2. we treat our customers as we would expect to be treated

3. the products and services we provide are of a quality standard

4. we work extremely hard to achieve the best in what we do by the passion we have for the business.



Alvin Low, Director at Auto Maxima, put it this way, “Auto Maxima aspires to be the destination of choice for detailing supplies, we strive to bring new product that help our detailers in South East Asia to be more efficient and ultimately make more money in the shortest possible time.  And yes, Wheel Woolies is a great example, this innovative brushes has help many detailers save time and money and earned greatest satisfaction from their customers.”