Odd Detailing Tips From the Professionals

You Won't Believe That These Tricks Work!

Detailing Tips

Odd tips from the professionals

We asked the pros for their best and weirdest detailing tips

Ask the professional and they’ll tell you that automotive detailing requires high-tech equipment and laser focus to achieve the precision results only a professional can deliver. But sometimes, the tricks of the trade can be as simple as opening your bathroom cabinet. We asked the professionals for their favorite weird detailing tips and here’s what they said.

o   Keep headlights polished and bright by applying window cleaner. Then rub vigorously with an old pair of pantyhose (yup, pantyhose).

o   DIYers can skip the store-bought windshield washer fluid and make their own with some vodka, water, and dishwashing detergent. Just make sure you use the cheap stuff and save the top shelf for parties!

o   Cut oily grime with cream of tartar, it cuts through even back road grease and dust.

o   A Consumer Reports tip is to wash your car when it’s cool. Washing when the car is warm or hot can leave soapy deposits.

o   Adding a cup of Kerosene to your final rinse will eliminate the need to wax (if that’s your thing.)

o   After washing use a clay bar to pick up finite amounts of dirt and debris left behind.

o   Use a magic erasure sponge to remove stuck-on grime.

o   Rub olive oil onto the dashboard to prevent drying and cracking of leather or synthetic material.

o   And of course, our favorite tip (but not an odd one) is to use the Braun Automotive family of detailing brushes. There's a brush for every crevice!


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