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Dispelling the Myths About Synthetic Oil

Posted by Lance Cheney

July 09. 2018

synthetic oilFor decades, the only choice on the market was the use of conventional motor oil, which is derived from petroleum. In recent years, however, synthetic oils have been gaining popularity despite a significantly higher cost. To understand why many people are making the switch to synthetic, you simply need to look at the benefits of synthetic oil when compared to conventional oil:

  • Increased fuel economy-- Synthetic oil has been scientifically designed to produce the best lubrication possible at all times. This reduced friction allows the engine to consume less energy, thereby lowering your use of fuel.
  • Weather resistant--Synthetic oil is able to retain its consistency despite harsh temperatures. This is an advantage in places with extreme temperatures. Conventional motor oil changes its consistency, which can negatively affect engine performance. Extreme cold will make it thicken, while extreme heat will thin it out.
  • Improves engine longevity-- Friction causes a great deal of wear and tear to your vehicle. By making the use of synthetic oil a part of your normal car care plan, your engine will be better protected. This means it has a lower risk of breaking down.
  • Alternating is no longer a problem-- When synthetic oils were first introduced, they received a bad reputation because some drivers experienced leakage problems when switching back and forth between conventional motor oil and synthetic formulas. This problem has been eliminated for years, so this is no longer a concern.

Deciding between conventional motor oil and a synthetic oil isn't always cut and dry. While many drivers enjoy the benefits of using synthetic types, the cost can be significantly higher; sometimes as much as double or nearly triple the price. Although synthetic oil will actually last up to three times longer than conventional oil. This alone can offset its additional cost.


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