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Stories from SEMA: Controlled Chaos

Posted by Lance Cheney

November 17. 2015

“Controlled chaos” is how Randy Pena our Director of Operations at Braun Brush West described being at SEMA earlier this month.

The doors opened at 9am and by 9:10 there was a line at our booth, 3 deep, to come talk to us.

This was the first year we had our own booth and I really feel this was the key to our success. Our loyal distributors came to our booth to back up our product. Detailers across the world told us that they exclusively use our Wheel Woolies® line of brushes.

Perhaps our best compliment came from one of Detail Mafia’s high-end detailers. He told us “your products raised our game. Everyone in the industry does a better job because of your brushes.” This is the highest of compliments from a company that details Air Force One. They teach with our products and we couldn’t be more proud.

Richard Griot, owner of Griot’s Garage, stopped by the booth to take a look at our brand new Lamb Chop kit. We showed him how we used horse hair fibers to create a razor’s edge where the fibers converge at the tip. His response: “Only someone who is as fanatical about brushes as I am about cars would create a brush like that”

We picked up distributors in Finland, Brazil, Australia and we can’t wait for them to enjoy the benefits of being a part of the Braun Automotive family.

Our brushes are made specifically for detailing and detailing alone. This is what makes the Wheel Woolies line of detailing brushes stand out among the competition.


Many of our distributors at SEMA asked us, “What’s next?”

Our answer is (and always will be) “What do you need?”

We rely on you to tell us what you need us to make for you otherwise there’s no reason to make anything. What do you need to make your business better?

Tell us; we’ll make it for ya.


Did you miss us at SEMA this year?
Click below to learn how to become a distributor.

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