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Don’t Let a Good Brand Go To Waste

Posted by Lance Cheney

December 17. 2015

When we start a new business one of the first things we think about is our brand. Getting the brand right is one of the keys to success. Your company’s brand is its personality. It’s why people will trust you and be loyal to you for years to come. No wonder we stress so much when we're first creating all of our marketing materials. We want to get it right.
But once we have success, then other issues take the forefront; supply and demand, price setting, new product launch, you name it. And our baby brand, that we spent so much time growing and nurturing, gets neglected and starts to wither. Poor baby brand.

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Improve The Image Of Your Auto Detailing Business

Posted by Lance Cheney

November 18. 2014

Improve_the_image_of_your_auto_detailingThe way that potential and existing customers view your company can make or break your auto detailing business. We're talking, of course, about your image. Once your image has been tarnished due to bad customer service or negative reviews, it's sometimes difficult to get back into the game and prove yourself without a dark cloud hanging over your head.

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Marketing Ideas For Your Auto Detailing Business

Posted by Lance Cheney

October 23. 2014

Marketing_Ideas_For_Your_Auto_DetailingNo matter how great your auto detailing business may be, you'll never reach its full potential if people don't know you exist. Obviously, that's where marketing comes in, but the question is, what are the best techniques available these days to market your automotive cleaning products? These four tips should keep you covered well:

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