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SEMA New Product Showcase: Wheel Woolies Vent Brush

Posted by Lance Cheney

October 28. 2015

The creation of our Vent Brush was really the brainchild of our customers and distributors. You all loved the smallest brush (8” L with 1"OD) in our original Wheel Woolies kit but complained that the handle wasn’t long enough to reach deep inside air vents. Thus, our customers became our greatest partners.

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Best Detailing Products To Clean Your Car Air Vents Effectively

Posted by Lance Cheney

April 10. 2014

Best Detailing Products Many car owners, even those who take great pride in the appearance of their vehicle's exterior, will often skimp when it comes to cleaning up some areas of its interior. They'll vacuum the carpet and wipe off the dash, but they'll forget the "smaller" details. Which means the job isn't quite done. One such detail is the need to clean your air vents on a regular basis. Today, we'll explain why this is important and the best detailing products to get the job done.

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Topics: Car Interior Cleaning, cleaning car air vents

What Products Can Be Used For Cleaning Car Air Vents?

Posted by Lance Cheney

December 19. 2013

car_air_ventsYour car is full of all sorts of nooks and crannies that can sometimes be difficult to clean. Some of these hard-to-reach areas are quite big, like the area underneath your seats. Others, such as areas on your dashboard, are quite small. Take your car's air vents, for example. It's important to clean your vents, but they're a little hard to get to. They're important, though, because clearing your system of dust that can accumulate will not only keep clean air circulating, but will improve your vehicle's odor. 

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Topics: Car Interior Cleaning, cleaning car air vents

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