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With a Little Help From Our Friends: Co-branding helps drive business

Posted by Lance Cheney

July 29. 2016

It’s no secret that co-branding works. Take two successful companies that are well established with their target demographic, put them together and suddenly they’ve doubled their customer base. It really is as simple as that.

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Welcome New Distributors Operado Covalt, Bavarian Autosport, and Bowden's Own

Posted by Lance Cheney

May 14. 2016

Whenever we have a new distributor of our Braun Automotive detailing brushes we like to welcome them with open arms and make them feel loved.

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New Product Spotlight: Introducing Power Woolies®

Posted by Lance Cheney

April 13. 2016


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Welcome Braun Automotive's Newest Distributors

Posted by Lance Cheney

February 25. 2016

Find a Distributor

The word is definitely out that Braun Automotive detailing brushes are the best in the industry. We’re adding distributors faster than we can add them to the "Find A Distributor" page on our website.

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Topics: Wheel Woolies, distributor, brushes, Braun Automotive, detailing, distributors, detailing business, Wheel Woolies by Braun Automotive

Distributor Love: Detailer's Domain

Posted by Lance Cheney

February 11. 2016


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Topics: Car Care Products, distributor, Braun Automotive, detailing, distributors

The Brand Police: Quality Control

Posted by Lance Cheney

January 27. 2016

Recently we were contacted by a customer about a Wheel Woolies kit he had purchased. On one of the brushes, the head had separated from the handle. He had attempted to use an adhesive to re-attach but this was not a successful fix and the pieces eventually separated again. We promptly replied to him that all of our detailing brush heads are ultrasonically welded to the handles, no glue or adhesive is ever used. Therefore, the problem must have been a faulty weld and we would replace his brushes immediately and ship them out at our expense.

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Topics: Wheel Woolies, brushes, detailing, customers, quality control, customer service

The Weather Outside Is (about to get) Frightful

Posted by Lance Cheney

December 03. 2015


You already know that we want all of you to succeed in everything you do. It's kind of our thing to be supportive to all our distributors and to detailers across the world. We often give out detail tips and business tips for you to sink your teeth into. Get ready to chomp because we have some more detailing business tips for you.

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Topics: Car Detailing, detailing, auto detailing tips, business tips, detailing business, detailer tips

Stories from SEMA: Controlled Chaos

Posted by Lance Cheney

November 17. 2015

“Controlled chaos” is how Randy Pena our Director of Operations at Braun Brush West described being at SEMA earlier this month.

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Topics: SEMA, detailing, SEMA 2015, distributors

Product Showcase: Wheel and Fender Brush

Posted by Lance Cheney

October 22. 2015


SEMA is the best industry show to showcase your new, favorite, and best selling products. Since we launched our line of car detailing brushes we have added to and fine-tuned our products mostly based on the suggestions of our distributors and customers. And since we first introduced our Wheel Woolies® kit we have created more than 20 auto detailing brushes. Everyone has a favorite, but we asked Braun Automotive’s Director of Business Development, Peter Lassen, which was his favorite. Here’s what he said:

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Topics: Car Detailing, Wheel Woolies, SEMA, brushes, Braun Automotive, detailing, auto detailing brushes

Distributor Love: Detailed Image

Posted by Lance Cheney

October 14. 2015

Detailed Image was founded in 2004 as both a professional detailing service and an online store. Co-Owners Greg, Adam, and Mike started the business from home, pouring in all their blood, sweat, and tears during the first years. Though they came from humble beginnings their growth in those early years was exponential. They later sold the service side of the business to focus exclusively on e-commerce.

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