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What are the Best Tips for Car Carpet Cleaning?

Posted by Lance Cheney

December 17. 2013

car_carpet_cleaningIt's happened to all of us. You or a family member have a bit of a clumsy moment and the next thing you know, a coffee or juice spill has marred your car's otherwise great looking carpet. Or maybe you've simply never realized how much dirt and debris can collect in the carpet. For many drivers, car carpet cleaning is a bit of a mystery. We're here to take a little mystery out of it by showing you the best tips to keep your carpet clean.  Learn more about interior car cleaning here. 

Tip #1 -- Concentrate on dirt and debris first.

Your car's carpet goes through a lot during a normal day. After all, this is where we put our feet whenever we get inside, which means we're tracking in dirt, mud, or anything else that's gotten stuck to our shoes. The first step of car carpet cleaning should always be to remove this stuff. The best way to do that are to use an air compressor to push the debris out or a sturdy scrub brush.

Tip #2 -- Spring into action immediately.

The last thing you want is to have a spill set in. Even if you don't get it all, which is very common, at least you can lessen the severity of the spill. After all, a car's carpet isn't usually very thick, so if you can get to the spill quickly, cleaning it might not be a big deal.

Tip #3 -- Purchase a high quality shampoo and brush.

Many car carpet cleaners available at your local auto store or department  are very similar, but a sales associate can usually point you to specific products that may fit your needs a little better than other products. When you choose a brush, find one that has soft bristles so that it does the job without being too rough on your carpet.

Tip #4 --  If in doubt, go the natural route.

Mixing vinegar with hot water and dish detergent can clean a variety of items in the house -- and clean them very well. The same goes for car carpet cleaning. The only real difference is that you want to get a brush with harder bristles. That way, you'll be able to get the mixture deep down into the carpet fibers to pull out any stains that might be set in.

Tip #5 -- Don't forget the floor mats.

When you clean your car's carpet, don't skip the floor mats. Before you begin cleaning, it's important that you remove the mats and sit them aside so that you'll have unfettered access. If the mats are rubber, wipe them down before you replace them. If the floor mats are carpeted, though, you'll want to shampoo and brush them as well. Follow these easy tips to car carpet cleaning. 

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