Wheel Woolies

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"These wheel woolies get into all the cracks that I never could before. With mesh wheels and honeycomb on numerous areas of my car, these have made it a breeze to get the tight places clean."- Trent, USA

 "A must have in your tools for detailing."- Todd, USA

"I love these brushes---they make cleaning the wheels a breeze and get in places I could never get to by hand. Easy to use and easy to clean. Well worth the money."- James, USA

"Love them!!! First thought was it felt so soft that I couldn’t imagine they would do a good job but I was wrong, once wet they have excellent scrubbing power. Also it made it really easy to get between the caliper and the barrel without getting splashed." - Bigbull2984

"Wheel Woolies are an excellent tool to have in your detailing arsenal and when used in conjunction with a high quality wheel cleaner, they have the ability to clean even the most neglected wheels." - Nick, USA

"I absolutely love these! The "Woolies" themselves are very very soft and they do a fantastic job of cleaning wheels and other surfaces on the vehicle. The little one is perfect for those honeycomb grilles that are appearing more and more on todays vehicles, while the medium and large are just great for wheels. They last a long time as well. I really can not say enough good stuff about these!" - Thomas Kehlenbeck


A5D & A7D

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"Have tried several detail brushes in the past couple of months and this one by far is the best of all the ones I have tried. This is a well constructed brush, has not scratched anything, is firm enough to clean very dirty areas, works well on lug nuts and all areas of the interior. The handle is long enough to allow you to reach into some tighter areas and the boar hairs seem to be very well secured to the handle. Since getting a couple of these brushes I have given away four of the previous ones I had ordered. Price may seem a bit high but once you get this brush you will find that in the long run it was worth the expenditure." - Frank, USA

"This is an awesome multipurpose brush. It works great for interior and exterior duties. The soft bristles don't scratch painted exterior surfaces or plastic interior parts. A must for any detail arsenal." - Aaron, USA

"Great quality and works well.. Saves time!!"- Jeff, USA

Caliper Spoke Woolie

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"I used to hate cleaning the barrels on customers cars. Now its easy and enjoyable with the wheel woolie. MUST have item if you detail cars." - DW

"This allows you to clean really difficult to reach areas such as behind the spokes. Well designed and manufactured." - Hollis Dwyer, Australia

"Quality brush! Helps get into the hard to reach spots when cleaning your wheels/rims. Brush feels like it will last a very long time!" - Leonard, USA