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The creation of Wheel Woolies® by Braun Automotive has raised the standard for detailing brushes. Wheel Woolies are the safest and most effect way to clean vehicle wheels for the detailing enthusiast. Detailers across the globe are now Wheel Woolies® advocates due to the excellent job Wheel Woolies® do cleaning the outside surfaces of car rims and wheels, as well as the small holes and crevices where brake dusts accumulates.

Below is a testimonial from one of our advocates, Sound Dimensions Plus, who offers professional car detailing services. In the video below you will see a great example of how detailers are using Wheel Woolies® in their businesses.

The benefit of the Wheel Woolies® comes from its metal-free design which reduces scratches and brush splatter. Twisted wire spoke brushes are known to damage rims and create residue splatter due to their tough bristles.

The soft, dense carpet fibers of the Wheel Woolies® are 100% polypropylene, recyclable and chemical resistant. These fibers are great for holding in suds to transfer them to the wheel. The three-piece kit is great for any wheel size opening. To learn more about the specifics of the Wheel Woolies® Kit, just follow this link to our products page.

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