7 Detailing Brushes

And Why You Need Them

These are the brushes you need in your detailing arsenal


As DIY automotive detailing has become more common among car enthusiasts, there has grown a dizzying array of products to choose from when starting your own business or if you just want to beef up your own personal supply.

Some of our brushes were born from the needs of the best auto detailers in the world. These detailers have very specific needs and they know what they want. But what about the detailer who’s just starting out? What do the professionals recommend as must-have brushes for even the most basic job? We asked the experts to find out… 


Most car enthusiasts think the body of the car requires the tenderest loving care, but it’s really the wheels and rims that need the most love because they are literally where the rubber meets the road.

Some blogs will tell you that just any polypropylene brush will do the job but we beg to differ. The shape of the brush matters just as much as the fiber type because you want the brush to hit only where you need it and not on any areas that might not need the same amount of scrubbing. For example, the inside of the wheelbase will likely get very soiled but perhaps the outside will see less dirt. So it’s essential that you use an angled brush that will reach deep into the crevices to allow for a more thorough clean. 


Body parts:

Using a brush on the flat surfaces of your vehicle is not widely recommended. Autogeek has a great natural sea sponge that they recommend for exterior washing. 

But there are parts of the exterior where brushes can be beneficial. Wheel Woolies Power Woolie Xtreme(PW12X) is hands down the best for cleaning and polishing chrome parts on cars and motorcycles. Unlike foam polishing balls that snag and rip on any ragged edges, PW12X will power through sharp corners and over rough surfaces. Its durability is unmatched in any comparable product. PW12X comes with a control grip handle that allows the user to hold the rotating PW12X while directing the spinning polishing head.



The interior often sees the most dust and debris settlement on the vehicle. Whether cloth or leather, the right brush is essential for getting to all that dirt. A good leather upholstery brush will have a combination of bristles; tough nylon for digging deep into the fabric and soft natural horsehair for buffing and polishing. A small upholstery piping brush is also necessary to get in each and every crack and crevice for that truly detailed look.

A good vent brush is also essential to ensure that you’re not blowing even more dust onto your seats just by turning on the heat or a/c.


Engine Bay:

Most “must-have” lists on the Internet won’t include a brush for the engine bay but we think that every serious car enthusiast must have one in their arsenal.

There are two types of engine brushes you’ll need; a scratch brush with stainless steel bristles for aggressive cleaning on durable parts and a soft brass wire brush for use on electrical contacts and corroded metal parts.


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